MDE, Tatenbank & Tasty Future

Markt der Möglichkeiten

MDE, Tatenbank & Tasty Future


The bridge to last year's conference and the development perspective: projects from the ideas workshop show what has been achieved in a year and what perhaps has not – new insights as an add-on.

MDE Cinema – Music festivals between activism and greenwashing
Where does the Swiss music industry stand in terms of sustainability? The NGO Music Declares Emergency shows its new film about the current sustainability measures of the music festivals in Switzerland and presents a corresponding study on the climate impact of the music festival landscape.
-> Screening: 10.45 Uhr / 11.45 Uhr / 14.30 / 15.30 / 16.30 (30 minutes)

Tatenbank by Vert le Futur
The action platform for a more sustainable culture, has been online since autumn 2022. How it came about, what highlights and challenges we have experienced, what vision of the future we share and what we understand by sustainable financing, you can find out with Laura Giudici and Stefanie Pizarro. Test the Tatenbank live and share your impressions with us: It is a collaborative multifunctional project and an eswp, "eternal sustainable work in progress".

Tasty Future
Tasty Future supports museums, theatres, cinemas, festivals and other cultural venues in realigning their catering operations and catering concept - as environmentally friendly as possible, plant-based and with a foodwaste concept - in order to contribute to a climate-friendly and future-friendly food culture.